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Get to know more about Studio Mudita in Locarno - Ascona, its therapist Clara and general information

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The Studio

The studio is situated in the heart of Locarno's quaint Città Vecchia, a few steps off from the Piazza Grande, in a quiet environment ideal for relaxation.

The studio is a clean, modern and luminous space with AC and underground heating to make sure you are comfortable during your yoga lesson or treatment. The studio is carefully decorated with plants, candles and traditional paintings and objects from India, Nepal and Thailand to maintain a serene, inspiring and cozy atmosphere.

Fruit-infused water and fresh hot/cold towels are available for every class and treatment client. During the massage treatments we also offer hot towels for the back and feet, heated massage table, choice of natural oils and choice of the playlist of soulful music you prefer to listen to during your treatment. 

We appreciate every small detail and welcome your suggestions to make your class or treatment even better!

The meaning of Mudita

Mudita is a sanskrit name from the Buddhist dharmic tradition referring to  unselfish joy or the pleasure of finding joy in the happiness, success and well-being of others.


Mudita is one of the four Buddhist virtues for Mental Peace, being the other three: Maitri - loving-kindness and benevolence-, Karuna - compassion and self-compassion- and Upeksha -equanimity and non-attachment-.

Mudita is about looking at the success of others as a source of joy and inspiration and also about observing our tendencies to have a reaction of envy or jealousy and shifting that attitude to gratitude for what we do have and gratitude for the good fortune of others.


This attitude leads to a wider and more open heart. When we can be happy of the joy other beings feel, we are embodying Mudita.

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About Clara

Clara Gómez (Barcelona, 1984) has trained extensively in India, Thailand, UK, Spain and Switzerland in a diverse range of advanced massage therapy techniques, specializing in Ayurvedic massage, Traditional Thai Yoga massage and Soft Tissue Therapy (Sports and Remedial massage).


Her training also includes Hot & Cold Stones Therapy, Upledger's Craniosacral Therapy (levels 1-2), Hanne Marquardt's Foot Reflexology (level 1), Pregnancy massage and baby massage, and Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls (Peter Hess and Thonla Sonam methods).

Clara has also trained as a Hatha Yoga teacher in India (YTT-200h Arhanta Ashram, Khajuraho), as a Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner in UK and Spain and since her early 20's has also participated and acquired knowledge in a wide variety of long and short courses, retreats, seminars and workshops from a diverse range of well-being modalities such as: Vipassana Meditation, Non-Violent Communication, Family Constellations, Trauma and Codependency, Taichi and Qi Gong, Reiki (level 1), Yoga Therapy, etc.


This variety of trainings allow her to combine all these different techniques to create a bespoke and holistic treatment for each of her clients according to their current and specific needs.

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What clients say...

Here you can read some of Clara's feedback and reviews from her clients, published by "Treatwell UK" and Google.

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General Information

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