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Our Holistic therapies are designed to bring calm, energy and self-awareness. Choose the one that resonates more with you!

If you prefer more energy based treatments that work holistically on your whole being you can choose from our Holistic therapies: Chakra Balancing, Tibetan Sound Healing and Rebirthing Breathwork.

Chakra Balancing combines energy work, sound healing, massage, crystals, visualization and essential oils to bring awareness and reharmonize the chakras. 

To relieve deep seated stress you can try Tibetan Sound Healing (sound massage with Tibetan bowls), which uses the harmonic sounds and vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls and other healing instruments to melt away tension and stress from body and mind and to cleanse your energy body.

To deepen your awareness and help you in your self-knowledge and healing journey you can try a session of Rebirthing, which combines breathwork and self-growth techniques to bring awareness to unconscious patterns and behaviours in your life giving you clarity, confidence and healing.

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Tibetan Sound Healing

A sound healing treatment (sound massage with Tibetan bowls) is performed using the sound frequencies and vibrations from Tibetan Singing Bowls and other healing harmonic instruments while lying down. By playing specific frequencies of sound around and on specific body parts of the person and by focusing on these soothing vibrations helps you relax and release stress, anxiety, and tension.

These sound frequencies create a therapeutic atmosphere that promote deep rest, nervous system rebalancing, and emotional release. Ideally, a hypnotic, meditative or theta brainwave state is created which allows access to deeper levels of inner wisdom and healing.

60 min - 120chf

90 min - 180chf

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Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing is ideal for deeply relaxing the nervous system, increase the flow of energy in your body and for bringing positive changes in our behaviour through gained insights. 

When a chakra is low in energy, you will have difficulty expressing the particular qualities associated with that chakra. When a chakra is overactive, the qualities are a dominant force in the person’s life. These imbalances can have both physical and emotional effects.


In the treatment each chakra is rebalanced through different techniques: harmonizing frequencies from Tibetan Singing Bowls, crystals, essential oils, massage, visualization and energy work.

90 min - 180chf

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Rebirthing Breathwork

Discover how beneath our current restrictive breath patterns are often deeper aspects of ourselves waiting to be healed. Breath holding is a stress response pattern we learn early in life to help manage difficult or overwhelming experiences that are beyond our control. We can learn to let go and open up our breath by integrating our past experiences- so we can feel better and have more physical energy and emotional balance.


This therapeutic style of conscious breathing can help you to guide your body back to an open, free-flowing breath to improve respiratory function and overall health, can help you to bring awareness to self-limiting habits and providing integration of unresolved emotions and memories, and can help you to elevate your consciousness to help you gain more clarity and higher states of awareness to re-frame learned mental patterns and alleviate repetitive stress.

120 min - 240chf

Cycle of ten x 120 min sessions= 2.000chf

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