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We offer private 1-1 and semi-private (group of 2-3 students) Hatha Yoga classes and holistic workshops to bring your body, mind and spirit back in balance

The Yoga classes at Studio Mudita have the following characteristics:​

  • All levels and ages are welcome. First time yogis, beginners, seniors and mums-to-be are most welcome!

  • We practice Hatha Yoga, a combination of well balanced sequences of asanas held statically for few breaths to work on strenghtening and stretching the body and calming the mind

  • The practice is done in a moderate to slow pace to keep a connection between mind, body and breath and allow the nervous system to calm down, hence, helping to achieve each position comfortably and consciously without any stress or time pressure.

  • When needed we use props such as blocks, belts, cushions and blankets to help you achieve the asanas in a safer, supported and more comfortable way. All the props are provided by the Studio. 

  • The classes always include final relaxation (savasana) and a meditation or breathing exercise (pranayama) at the end. 

  • The classes always adapt to the students offering variations for limited mobility or special conditions (pregnant persons, injuries, etc).

  • The limited number of students allow a more personalized approach from the teacher to the students catering for your specific needs.

  • In good weather classes can be held outside in nature (park, beach, riverbank, forest) if the teacher's schedule allows itand reserving a longer slot of time to accommodate the time to and from the venue.

  • 60min classes include only asanas. 75min and 90min classes include asanas, pranayama and meditation. Yoga philosophy can also be incorporated in the 75min and 90min sessions.

  • Hatha Yoga private 1-1 and semi-private (group of 2-3 students) yoga classes:

  • 60 min - 120chf per class (120chf individual class, 60chf per 2 students and 40chf per 3 students)

  • 75 min - 150chf per class (150chf individual class, 75chf per 2 students and 50chf per 3 students)

  • 90 min - 180chf per class (180chf individual class, 80chf per 2 students and 60chf per 3 students)



  • Spring Equinox Ritual - Renewal & Transformation - 20th March 2024. 7pm-8.30pm Contribution: 40chf

  • Summer Solstice Ritual - Connecting with your Inner Fire - 20th June 2024. 7pm-8.30pm. Contribution: 40chf

  • Autumn Equinox Ritual - The Art of Letting Go - 22nd September 2024. 10am-12pm. Contribution: 50chf

  • Winter Solstice Ritual - The Light Within You - 21st December 2024. 10am-12pm. Contribution: 50chf

  • New Year's Ritual - New Beginnings - 19th December 2024. 10am-12pm. Contribution: 50chf

All classes and workshops can be taught in English, Italian and Spanish.

Places limited to 3 people for the yoga workshops and 6 people for the holistic workshops.

Book in advance to secure your place!

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