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Massaggio Locarno Massaggio Ascona Thai Ayurveda Spa


Massaggio Locarno Ascona Massage


At Studio Mudita in Locarno you will find a diverse range of top quality massage treatments and holistic therapies that blend traditional Eastern techniques with a modern Western approach to therapy and service. Hatha yoga private and semi-private classes and holistic workshops are also run regularly.
A modern, thoughtful and safe space created with the intention of bringing awareness, balance and healing to body, mind and soul.

Scroll down to see what Studio Mudita offers to you.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Clara Gómez

Massage Therapy Specialist, Holistic Therapist & Hatha Yoga Teacher.
Founder and Owner of Studio Mudita.

massaggio locarno ascona massage

Clara has trained extensively in India, Thailand, Spain, UK and Switzerland and has +10 years of international working experience in top 5 star hotels, spas and massage therapy centers in London (UK) and St. Moritz, Gstaad and Ascona (Switzerland).


Offering you a wide range of massage therapy treatments to rebalance body, mind and spirit.

At Studio Mudita you will find a wide variety of styles and techniques of massage and bodywork to suit your needs of relaxation and well-being. 
We specialize in massages and treatments brought from India (Ayurveda) and Thailand (Traditional Thai Massage) and also in advanced therapeutic massage (Soft Tissue Therapy - Sports & Remedial Massage) to help you in case of muscular and fascial aches and pains.

You can combine any of our massage treatments with one of our six 30 minutes "Add-on" treatments, to bring a deeper focus on a specific area of your body: face, head, back, neck and shoulders, abdomen and feet, or a deeply relaxing sound healing mini session. Alternatively you can also book two or three "Add-ons" together to create a focused individualized treatment.

Every session will be carried in a thoughtful, safe and personalised way with the intention of being a gift to your senses while offering you an improvement in your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Scroll down this page to read the description of every treatment. If you have any doubts or questions feel free to ask us which treatment would adapt better to your current needs.

All massage treatments are booked in advance by appointment.


Our Holistic therapies are designed to bring calm, energy and self-awareness. Choose the one that resonates more with you!

If you prefer more energy based treatments that work holistically on your whole being you can choose from our Holistic therapies: Chakra Balancing, Tibetan Sound Healing and Rebirthing Breathwork.

Chakra Balancing combines energy work, sound healing, massage, crystals, visualization and essential oils to bring awareness and reharmonize the chakras. 

To relieve deep seated stress you can try Tibetan Sound Healing (massage with Tibetan singing bowls) which uses the harmonic sounds and vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls and other healing instruments to will melt away tension and stress from body and mind and cleanse your energy body.

To deepen your awareness and help you in your self-knowledge and healing journey you can try a session of Rebirthing, which combines breathwork and self-growth techniques to bring awareness to unconscious patterns and behaviours in your life giving you clarity, confidence and healing.


We offer private 1-1 and semi-private (2-3 students) Hatha Yoga classes and holistic workshops to bring your body, mind and spirit back in balance

massaggi locarno massaggi ascona massaggi tenero massaggi minusio massaggi gordola massaggi losone massage brissago minusio

The Yoga classes at Studio Mudita have the following characteristics:​

  • All levels and ages are welcome. First time yogis, beginners, seniors and mums-to-be are most welcome!

  • We practice Hatha Yoga, a combination of well balanced sequences of asanas held statically for few breaths to work on strenghtening and stretching the body and calming the mind

  • The practice is done in a moderate to slow pace to keep a connection between mind, body and breath and allow the nervous system to calm down, hence, helping to achieve each position comfortably and consciously without any stress or time pressure.

  • When needed we use props such as blocks, belts, cushions and blankets to help you achieve the asanas in a safer, supported and more comfortable way. All the props are provided by the Studio. 

  • The classes always include final relaxation (savasana) and a meditation or breathing exercise (pranayama) at the end. 

  • The classes always adapt to the students offering variations for limited mobility or special conditions (pregnant persons, injuries, etc).

  • The limited number of students allow a more personalized approach from the teacher to the students catering for your specific needs.

  • In good weather classes can be held outside in nature (park, beach, riverbank, forest) if the teacher's schedule allows it and reserving a longer slot of time to accommodate the time to and from the venue.

  • 60min classes include only asanas and savasana. 75min and 90min classes include asanas, savasana, pranayama and meditation. Yoga philosophy can also be incorporated in the 75min and 90min sessions.

  • Hatha Yoga private 1-1 and semi-private (2-3 students) yoga classes: 60, 75 and 90min.


Click here to see the Yoga & Holistic Workshops at Studio Mudita.

Yoga classes and workshops can be taught in English, Italian or Spanish.

Places limited to 3 people for the yoga workshops and 5 people for the holistic workshops.

Book in advance to secure your place!

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Get to know more about the studio, about Clara and general information before your appointment


To book a class or a treatment or to buy a gift voucher

Studio Mudita - Massaggio Avanzato, Terapie Olistiche e Hatha Yoga Locarno-Ascona

Address: Via Cittadella 3, 1st floor, Città Vecchia di Locarno, Ticino, Switzerland

Opening Hours: Everyday from 08.00 till 19.00 (only by appointment)

Tel/Whatsapp: +41 77 494 40 40


Instagram & Facebook: studiomudita studiomuditalocarno

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